Life Hacks 101: How To Bring Fun & Excitement Back Into To Your Life Again

If you are not living your life to the full, then are you really living to your fullest potential? In the chaotic and demanding world that we live in fun is one of the things that often gets pushed to the end of the list when it comes to setting priorities and pushing to reach lofty goals. But if you’re not having fun regularly, you’re missing out on the entire point of enjoying the life that we have been gifted with. Remember that some of the most successful people and companies on this planet work very hard, but they also play just as hard to maintain balance as much as possible in their lives. Richard Branson, is one such example. Not only does he make a priority of having fun and doing amazing things in his own life but he also encourages it for his partners and employees throughout his Virgin® business empire. Google, Zappos, and many other companies and other very successful individuals share in this credo. It all comes down to this, If you’re all work and no play, try these tips to get you started in a new way of living that can you not only allow you to have more fun, but also contribute to your productivity when it comes time to work.

  1. Be Mindful Of The Moment – Many people just aren’t present in their life in the moment they’re living. Instead, they’re focused on the future. “When I turn 18…”, “When I get my degree …”, “When I win the lottery”, “When I get what I want”. You’ve more than likely heard yourself or someone that you know say something like this before. Instead, be truly present in whatever is going on right now, in this moment. Take in the smells, enjoy the conversation you are having, and experience your life at full throttle.
  2. Never Stop Learning – Many people stop learning the moment they graduate from school. But, being engaged in the process of constantly learning enriches the mind and the spirit.  Information has never been as readily available as it is in the internet age that we currently live in. Books, podcasts, videos, and a plethora of other content are virtually at your fingertips. It’s important to always be in the process of learning something new. It keeps your mind sharp and functioning at peak performance and it keeps you in a constant state of growth. Remember that a state of happiness cannot exist in a state of stagnation .
  3. Be Daring And Take Risks – At least twice a year take the initiative to do something that takes you completely out of your comfort zone such as public speaking, hiking a high mountain, running a marathon, or something else that gets your adrenaline pumping and challenges you. Only you can know where your challenges lie. Challenges give you yet another chance to grow personally and professionally in the process of enjoying yourself. Open yourself to a few or more adventures each year, and you’ll stay young at heart, continue to  grow in so many areas, and have more fun throughout your entire life.
  4. Get Moving! – The more oxygen you inhale, the more happy and invigorated you’ll feel. Be more active, when you need to walk, do it at a bit faster pace. Instead of sitting for hours at a computer working away, get up if only for a few moments every 20 minutes or so and stretch and breath in deeply several times. Supplying your body with an abundance of oxygen will help you to feel more awake and focused. If your health permits and you are given a choice of taking an elevator or the stairs, opt for the stairs. It will get your heart pumping and will cause you to intake more air in doing so, helping you to feel more alive! And finally, instead of being irritated by your neighbor playing loud music, cut loose and move to the groove. You’ll be a lot happier and healthier from it.
  5. Smile More – It might seem silly or even a little uncomfortable at first, but practice smiling even when you wouldn’t normally smile. Smile as you walk through the grocery store (shopping for health food options of course). Smile while waiting in line at the post office and especially smile when you are not feeling your best or feel a bit irritated. Holding a smile on your face for but a few minutes has the effect of tricking your mind into believing that you are happier than you may actually be at the moment and it ,in turn, causes you to actually begin feeling better and happier in the process. It can be really hard to remain in a bad mood for any sustained period of time when you have a smile on your face. To get the smile going, simply think of a happy time in your life, experiencing something you would greatly enjoy doing, or being with a person that is very special to you. Still don’t believe me, seriously, take the leap of faith and try it. You have nothing to lose except for a frown.
  6. Enjoy Nature – We, as humans are connected to nature and typically love to feel grass under our feet. Take time each day to notice and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.  Have a picnic in the park; take a walk on a beautiful nature trail. Make the effort to bend down and smell the flowers once in awhile. Create your own little garden or if nothing else, get yourself a few low maintenance plants for your home or office. You’ll feel more connected to the world, and naturally have more fun just being around all of the life and energy that surrounds you.
  7. Let Go of Perfection – The truth is, no one nor anything is perfect and the striving for perfection can weigh down your sense of joy and happiness when you fall short of achieving it, which we all do. Understand that while perfection is a noble goal, it is ultimately elusive and that all that we simply need strive for is being the best we can be and doing the best that we can do.
  8. Encourage And Help Others – Motivating and inspiring others has the effect of making you feel happier and more satisfied with your own life. Give out compliments and encouragement freely, and reach out your hand to help lift others up as often as you can. In the end you’ll not only be helping others to achieve greater things in their life but in the process causing yours to ascend to amazing heights as well.
  9. Take Your Time – Being in a hurry all the time can drain the joy out of your life. You constantly feel as if you never have enough time to accomplish your goals, much less have time to do anything fun. But, by learning how to take your time and sometimes even strategically do nothing, you’ll begin to redevelop your childhood sense of wonder and joy which leads to not only a much happier life, but a much more rewarding one as well.
  10. Finally, occasionally throw caution to the wind and do something you really want to do. Take a trip to Europe. Take a spontaneous weekend camping trip. Go and visit somewhere you have never been or just go do something that you have always wondered about but have never done, just use good judgment in doing so. Stop the all work and no play routine and never go back to it again. You will live a longer and happier life by just doing it.

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