Decluttering Your Space, Your Life and Mind – Part 1

How Decluttering Can Substantially Improve Your Life

There’s a reason why many people start on a decluttering project during a stressful or turbulent time in their lives or when they begin to feel overwhelmed by the chaos. Clearing out the clutter does more than just make your home look neater or more spacious. Decluttering can actually be a life-transforming process in a multitude of ways. Continue reading if you’d like to discover some tangible ways decluttering can improve your life. This knowledge may just be the motivation you’ve long needed to start on your own path to minimalism.


You Will Save Time

Think of all the time you waste searching for things in your cluttered environment. Consider how often you don’t feel like doing much or going anywhere because your cluttered surroundings have left you feeling depressed and overwhelmed. It may also make you feel guilty for doing other things that you want and enjoy doing because you feel like you need to stay home and get started cleaning up the mess. You may even get started doing a few things but you quickly become discouraged and quit, in turn, making you feel like you have accomplished nothing. So scheduling and investing the time to clean out and organize your living space intentionally will pay off in all the hours of your life you get back.


You Will Gain An Increase In Focus

A cluttered environment inevitably leads to a disorganized mind. Being surrounded by clutter makes it hard to concentrate and drains your energy. You can’t focus with distractions and brain fog. An organized space can truly rejuvenate you.


You’ll Sleep Better

By clearing the clutter, you are making more room for energy to flow freely about your bedroom. It’s true that human beings are made up of energy. Being surrounded by energy that can circulate without obstacles allows for deeper and more restful sleep. Think Zen!


You’ll Make Room for Personal Growth

By removing physical items from your home, you’ll be making more space to move around. Some creative reorganization or consolidation of your possessions could lead to having an entire room free to put to a new use. For example, you could create a dedicated space to start a hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue or set up the space as a bedroom for guests or contribute to society by hosting a foster child.


You Will Generate CASH!

Surely, you have some possessions lying around that would be of value to someone else. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Why not gather them up and consider listing them on Craigslist, LetGo, or eBay? The money you make from any sales can go toward your new hobby, guest room, investments, or into your savings account!

As you can see, there’s so much more to decluttering than you ever realized. This process can lead to countless positive outcomes if you just open your mind to the possibilities. Hopefully, you’re feeling more motivated to start creating your optimal space of Zen.


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