Fifty Easy Items To Toss Out On Your Decluttering Journey – Part 9

Deciding what to get rid of is one of the toughest parts of decluttering. It’s natural to develop a certain attachment to your possessions, and it can seem wasteful to give away something you’ve hardly used. Believe it or not, there are some things that really aren’t that difficult to part with. Start with this list of 50 easy items to toss on your decluttering journey, and you’ll soon be paring down like a pro.




  1. Junk mail
  2. Broken or ugly jewelry (Broken or not, gold is money!)
  3. Old Calendars
  4. Duplicates of anything
  5. Nearly empty perfume bottles
  6. Old makeup
  7. Outgrown toys or games
  8. Heavily worn socks, underwear, or clothing
  9. Boxes from electronics or small appliances
  10. Unused paint (unless it is touch up paint for your home)
  11. Kids’ clothes that no longer fit
  12. Non-perishable food items you haven’t eaten (donate to your local church or food bank)
  13. Excess shopping bags
  14. Outdated holiday ornaments
  15. Broken laptops or devices you’ve been meaning to fix
  16. Unused blankets
  17. Old trophies or memorabilia you no longer value
  18. That collection of buttons you never sewed back on
  19. Unnecessary receipts
  20. Unused or old spices
  21. Accessories for hobbies you no longer pursue
  22. Frozen foods past their use by dates
  23. Small appliances that you never use
  24. Vacation souvenirs you never look at
  25. Purses long out of style
  26. Instruction manuals for things you no longer own
  27. Last year’s calendar
  28. Craft supplies for projects never begun or completed
  29. Pens that don’t work
  30. Beauty products that don’t suit you
  31. Stuff that’s been in your junk drawer forever
  32. The clutter at the bottom of your purse
  33. Pantyhose or tights with runs
  34. Gift you never liked in the first place
  35. Anything you forgot you even had
  36. Pet supplies from animals that have long passed
  37. Chipped dishware or cookware
  38. Home decor that no longer fits your personality
  39. Earrings without a mate
  40. Games with missing pieces
  41. Old magazines
  42. Books you’ve read once or will likely never read
  43. Expired medicines
  44. Electronics chargers without a device
  45. Excess or mismatched glassware
  46. Toys from fast-food children’s meals
  47. Videos you no longer watch (anything VHS not a collector’s item)
  48. Kitchen gadgets or excess utensils you don’t use (sandwich press, smore’s makers, the super-dooper-what-a-gadget that you paid way too much money for, etc.)
  49. Scraps of or faded wrapping paper

50.  Swimwear with snags


Do you see? There are lots of things you can discard or donate easily with little stress. Go give it a try, yourself, and see how your motivation increases when it comes to ditching your old stuff. You’ll be making a big dent in your clutter before you know it!

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