Five Steps To Get You Started In Living Your Ideal Life – Part 2 – Getting Comfortable With The Idea Of Being Uncomfortable

If you’re serious about changing your life you spent the past week writing out in detail the story of how you wish your life to be. You may have wrote your ideas out, scratched them out, started over again, and then scratched those ideas out. Then you rewrote some of your initial ideas and then thought deeper about them. Then after even more consideration, you scratched everything out and started over yet again. It’s funny how when you take your ideas of the life you wish to live from your mind and translate them into writing. You may find that what your original vision will change completely as you put what you truly want into writing.

But rest assured the work that you put in has been worth the effort. You have now brought the ideas for your dream life from the ethereal into the world of the real. By writing out in such detail everything you want and how you would like it to happen you have drawn a big and bold bull’s-eye on your goals. The reward for completing last week’s task is now having a clear picture of your goals in life. Now you have a frame of reference that you can look at any time to gauge how far you have come from where you started. The advantage is the mile markers you have created become much clearer than they were when your ideas were only in your mind.

You may want to put what you have written down into a binder. You will continue using them as you go along and to use along with future steps of this article.

This week we will discuss becoming comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Moving forward, this is something you will experience in your life from this point on. Instead of experiencing the same old thing every day in your life, you will experience serendipity for the first time. Your life will be full of new adventures. One thing you need to change in your new way of thinking is replacing the words uncomfortable and change with the term “exciting”. Take a moment to let that sink in and then, Let’s Get Started…

  • Get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Anytime you begin to experience changes in your life, if you are like most people, it will feel uncomfortable. You feel that you are somewhat out of your element and you will feel resistance to letting things flow. It may be that if you are wanting to change the types of people that you spend your time around.
  • You may feel at times that you are among strangers and that you may have trouble “fitting in”. The topics of conversation that others may be speaking of seem odd, even if you are interested in the topics being discussed.
  • You may feel a bit like an outsider that is barging in on the conversation or that you are an unwanted distraction.
  • Yes, while there is a chance that you could be rebuffed it is more often the case that others will accept you into the conversation. Especially if you have anything of value to contribute…and you do, it is your unique point of view.
  • Remember that the longer that you linger on the outside of a group or conversation, the more uncomfortable you will feel.

These are just some examples of many such things you may face in inviting change into your life. You will face resistance and challenge as you create a new life that is so different than the one that you currently live. It is inevitable that you will have to change the person that you are to become the person that you want to be. If it were possible not to have to change and live the life that you wish, wouldn’t you already be doing it? Here’s to creating your new normal.

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