Decluttering A Whole Room In Just One Afternoon – Part 7

You may dread the idea of trying to tackle decluttering your home, but it is a task that must be done. There are a number of ways to approach the process, but sometimes you just want to get this job out of the way as quickly as possible. If that’s how you feel, you’ll want to read on to discover just how to declutter an entire room in just one afternoon.


The Right Tools For The Job

You’ll need some tools to make this job easier. Be sure to have large garbage bags for trash and for the items that you want to recycle. Get some baskets to hold things you plan to keep or sort and cardboard boxes for donations. You’ll also need post-it notes and a marker for labeling. Finally, a timer will keep you on track. Set aside a large space for sorting; this can be on a bed, a card table or just the middle of the floor…your choice.


Label The Baskets

Use the post-its and marker to label your baskets. You’ll want one for Keep, one for Action Needed (for repairs, returning to friends, etc.), one for Sell and one for Move (to another room). You may also wish to label your boxes if you plan to donate to separate places.


Have A Plan

Create a strategy for the manner in which you plan to tackle the room. Always go in a single direction, focus on one shelf or drawer and commit to never returning to an area you’ve already hit. You may wish to start with the back of the room and work from left to right, then toward the door. Or you could begin at side of the room, moving steadily across to the other side. But whatever you do, HAVE A PLAN FIRST!


Start With The Biggest

Before you get down to the smaller tasks of emptying drawers or clearing shelves, it makes sense to get rid of any large items you can first. Set a timer for 15 minutes enlist a friend or family member to help carry and start moving any big stuff you plan to get rid of in some way. Stuff like furniture falls into this category. Make another 15-minute sweep if necessary, but be thorough.


Step Down To The Medium Stuff

If you’ve gotten some of the big things out of the room, you probably now have more space for sorting. Medium-sized items come next in the decluttering process. Simply repeat the same steps you took for the large items, except you will put these items in their designated containers instead of removing them from the room completely. Again, set your timer for 15 minutes. If it warrants it, make another 15 minute pass.


Time To Tackle The Small Stuff

Once again, repeat the process with the small things. This is likely where you’ll need your sorting space like the bed or card table and it will take the most time, so feel free to set your timer a few extra rounds.

Even with an extremely cluttered room, this process shouldn’t take more than several hours to complete. Be firm with yourself when it comes to deciding what to discard. Don’t sit there and debate with yourself over getting rid of something, go with your gut decision and move on. Keep only what enhances your life. If necessary, come back the next day to organize. The important part is removing what is no longer needed. At the end…one more room done on your way to having a happy, clean, organized, and Zen home.

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