Five Ways To Get Out Of A Life Rut (Part II)

Welcome back to the second part of our article series on Five Ways To Get Out Of A Life Rut. Often in the journey of life we can find ourselves in circumstances and situations that we never intended to be in. What you need to know if you find yourself feeling stuck is that you have the power within you to change your paradigm for the better.

Did you wind up in a job that you dislike or that is not what you wanted to do?

  • Don’t settle for work that does not inspire, motivate, and challenge you.
  • Immediately start researching to find the job you want or create a business that you can’t wait to start every day. My personal recommendation for two of the best resources to help you is Dan Miller’s books “48 Days to The Work You Love” and “No More Mondays”. If you are serious about finding or creating work that you love and following through with action, these are powerful resources that can turn your life around and have you “Whistling While You Work”.

Are you not happy and fulfilled?

  • The first thing you have to do is realize that you are in control of how you feel, not others.
  • Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to others or what you have vs. what others have. The world’s happiest people do not tie their happiness to possessions or wealth. They achieve fulfillment and happiness by building deep connections with others and having love in their life. You may ask, “What if I have not found someone that loves me”? It is a great misconception when you feel that love has to find you in order for you to be happy. You can’t control how others feel about you, but you can control what you do to bring love into your life. Be proactive by loving others first and you will attract what you give. Always remember. Like attracts like!
  • Volunteer
  • Show your love for your fellow man or woman by helping build a house for a family, help out a local food bank or at a homeless shelter. It is not so important what you do as long as it is helping others who are less fortunate than you.
  • Help a friend
  • Instead of avoiding that friend that has a move coming up, be the first one to offer to help. You never know who you may meet along the way by putting yourself into a different situation. Worst case, you may be surprised the amount of your stuff you get back that your buddy has “borrowed” over the years. Share the love and be a real friend!
  • Be Charitable
  • Make giving more that you expect to receive back a part of your life. Make a regular donation to a worthy charity. If you are single and don’t have children, pretend you are a parent at Christmas time. Go Christmas shopping for your “child” by buying a nice coat, a suit or two of clothes, or several toys that your little boy or girl would love. Check out and stop by the “Toys For Tots” donation barrel and drop your gifts in “Santa’s gift bag” for delivery. If one is not available, then find your local children’s hospital, orphanage, or church. Give them a call and ask if you can come by for a little while and play “Santa’s Helper” yourself for one or more children or if they could recommend a family that you can make Christmas a little more special for. Or, if you know a family in need that you could buy all the food for a nice holiday meal and drop it off to them. Any way you do it, you can almost always spare something for those who need it. The best part is that while you may not feel that money as it sits in your wallet you WILL feel it in your heart when it makes a real difference in someone’s life.

Please join me again for our next article in this series on Five Ways To Get Out Of A Life Rut when I talk about what to do if your life has become a little stale and boring.

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