Five Ways To Get Out Of A Life Rut (Part III)

Is life running a bit to smooth and became boring? It might be time to shake things up a little and do something unusual.

Do Something Different 
Has there always been something in the back of your mind that you have always wanted to do but you never had the time? Make the time now! Pick up that guitar that has been sitting in the closet for the past few years and learn how to play it. If you were good at it in the past, learn something completely different to what you usually play. If you are a rocker, try learning classical or jazz. If you played mellow music, break out some Zeppelin or some other classic rock with huge licks and solos. Learn new skills like public speaking, programming, or something else that you love. Find that car you always wanted as a teen and restore it yourself. Learn to make furniture, build musical instruments, or take up art. In the times we live in there are many online courses and lessons, both free and paid. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Learn a skill that can become a great side hustle and make an extra stream of income. If app building, website design, voice-over work, or graphic design are in your skill set; there are plenty of online services that are looking for talented freelancers. Try Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Guru and Freelancer to market your services through. The point is that no matter what new skill you choose to learn, you are learning. You are expanding your mind, keeping things fresh and creating new experiences. The fact is that the more you know how to do, the more versatile you become. Not only that, by learning & gaining knowledge you feel better about yourself and that leads to… you guessed it, more to be happy about.
Commit To Making Your Relationships Even Better By Learning Better Life Skills.
Relationship skills is among the most important skill sets we can acquire. Many people allow themselves to be come involved in relationships because of random circumstances that bring them together, Sometimes this can generate life-long relationships while others start with a bang and quickly fade into oblivion. By being more selective in who we become involved with and why, we can generate stronger, deeper relationships. Great relationships take time and time is our most precious commodity. If we are going to give our time, and in return ask the time of another person to create a relationship with strong foundations, it makes good sense to be discerning in our evaluation of what value this relationship provides for you as well as them. A strong relationship has to be a win/win for both of the people involved is a relationship is to last. Having less, close relationships that are an inch wide but a mile deep are far more rewarding that having many “so-called” friendships that have no real depth and quality.
This is where it gets to be intense. What can generate more intense feelings than the relationships that we involve ourselves in? Relationships are responsible for the highest feelings of elation and the greatest depths of pain that a soul can experience. When our relationships are going well, we experience great communication, comfort, joy, support, love, and the feeling of emotional bliss. Yet, when things aren’t going so well, we experience the pain and a whole array of negative emotions. For example, when your connection to someone begins to deteriorate, or worst yet you lose someone dear to you; does grief lead you to feel sadness, depression, anger, separation, anxiety or guilt? This may be because you feel that you have unresolved issues or feelings you have not expressed.
Considering the importance we place on the relationships that we involve ourselves in, doesn’t it make since to invest our time, effort, and interest into making them the best they can be? Relationships are like our work in a sense. We invest time in educating ourselves and putting real effort into being the best we can be in what we do if you want to be successful. Yet often, in our relationships, we only put any real effort in at the beginning in trying to woo and win new friends and even our mate. Once the thrill of getting involved in a new relationship passes and the hormones settle down we relegate of efforts into only maintaining that relationship.
How about instead of only maintaining our relationships, we work to consistantly improve and renew them. Put real and measureable effort into learning and implementing what you need to do in your part of a relationship to make a good one great. Like anything else that involves skills, there are many proven resources in the form of books, audio, and video that can teach you what you need to know to make your relationships, both personal & professional, stronger, deeper and more resilient.
Take the time to have deeper conversations daily and spend less time making small talk. Dedicate more time listening to and taking in what your co-worker, friend, family member, or mate has to say. Remember the old adage that “we have two ears and one mouth”, there is a reason for that. Do not try to compete in speaking or getting your point across. Relationships are not about competition, it is about the bonds you create. Working to deepen your relationships and creating bonds that are difficult to break will yield more rewards than you can ever imagine. Having strong and healthy relationships make us feel better about ourselves. It strengthens our self-confidence and our feelings of belonging. Simply put, having solid, quality relationships makes us happy. Isn’t happiness in life what we are after?

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