Five Ways To Get Out Of A Life Rut (Part IV)

When was the last time you took a real vacation?
I’m not talking about going to the beach or going to the house of the mouse every few years. Do you have your finances in order? Do you have built up vacation time at your job or need to get away from the stress of running your business every day? Then don’t look at taking a trip 8 months from now. Make plans, get your passport in order and book a trip to somewhere historical or exotic as quickly and feasibly as possible. Venice, Paris, London, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Barbados, or wherever you could hardly picture yourself a month (or even a couple of weeks from now). Be spontaneous and enjoy the serendipity of the experience. While some may be more expensive than others, there are always deals to be had where travel is involved. Search them out and enjoy the freedom of getting away from it all.
In the modern world we live in, it feels like we are actually wired in to networks of social media, online acquaintances, meetings, and obligations. In this time of being always “plugged in” and virtually “in touch” via smartphones, tablets, laptops, and now even in our cars. The need to go “off the grid” is almost a necessity from time to time. For those of us who can remember the 1980’s and before, we know the feeling of being unplugged. No Facebook, no Twitter, no email, no internet, no cell phones, and no texting. It was a time when the only ways to get in touch with someone was to call them on their landline phone at home, send mail delivered by the good ole’ postal service. Of course there was always the option of walking, driving, or flying to wherever someone was to talk to them face to face. A time when you literally knew everyone that you called friends. Unplugged was the way of life back then. I am not saying that this was better or worse than the times we live in now. But what I am saying was that it was much easier to “unplug”.
I say all this to point out that if you are investing in a vacation, then you want to take a real one. It is a good idea to consider taking your vacation “unplugged”. Sure, you can take that smart phone along but leave it turned off. That’s right I said OFF! More so, leave it in the room, RV, or wherever you are staying while on vacation. If you absolutely must, turn it on for a few minutes when you get back from enjoying your day and/or night just to see if there were any emergencies then turn it right back off. No checking Facebook, email, or any other distracting social media. Believe it or not, you are not so important that the world cannot survive without you for a week or so. In fact, the human race survived without all the modern communication tech up to the 1980’s and you can survive without it now. The first day or so doing this feel strange, after all it is a part of our modern lives. But, you will get used to it quickly and experience the freedom of enjoying yourself without distractions.
Remember that they still make cameras that aren’t built in to cell phones if you want to take pictures or video. Without online connectivity you do not feel obligated to immediately share your experiences. You can update your social media and let everyone know then about the awesome vacation you had instead of missing out on an experience trying to post about it at the same time. A vacation is a time to rest, recharge yourself, gain experiences, and make memories. If you are not enjoying it and living in the moment, then what is the point of taking a vacation? ‘Nuff said?

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