Hi, We’reT. Michael and Ana!


Todd is a Master Certified Life Coach with 17 certifications in multiple disciplines of coaching. Todd specializes in mindset and happiness coaching, He is also CEO of Pemrose Media, Ltd. an author, podcaster, recording engineer, producer, musician, and public speaker. 

Chances are that you’ve found your way here because you are not happy with your current life and you want to know what it is like to live your life happy, fulfilled, and thriving each day that you live. The problem you have found is that you just can’t seem to make it happen. It is also likely that you have tried other programs, and courses and have read about many ways that other people have changed their lives for the better, but you just can’t seem to change yours no matter how hard or what you try. Therein, lies the problem, you “tried”.   

To be upfront, while being a very effective and accomplished coach, Todd’s Style of coaching may not be for you. Why?
  • Todd does not believe in the word try, or for that matter, can’t, unable, luck, fate, or any other word that allows “wiggle” room. You must be resolute with your intention!
  • He is not politically correct and will tell you like it is. No bullshit!
  • He is tough but fair.
  • He believes that you, and you alone, are responsible for where you are in life, your choices, your circumstances, and more importantly, what you are willing to do about it.
  • your results are proportional to your effort and consistency. 
What he does believe in is results through action, a willingness to change your habits, the way that you think, and discarding the unproductive beliefs that have been taught and engrained in your ideology and he believes in YOU!
A message from Todd to you: 

Hello, my friend, 

While there are a lot of claims and promises that are made in the coaching realm as to coaches being able to change your life, I’d like to be real with you for a moment on expectations versus reality. To cut through to what’s important, let’s start with what I will not promise you. First, I will not promise you that I can change your life for the better and I certainly won’t do it overnight. I will not make you rich, I will not make you happy, I will not make you feel better about yourself and I will not give you the life you always wanted. Sorry, but not sorry. While this may discourage you to hear this, please read on.

What I will promise to give you is the tools, resources, knowledge, and perspective you will need to change your life for the better. But, I, personally, will not change your life, in fact with all of the resources that can make a drastic difference in the way you live, no one else can change your life for the better either. You can be inspired, motivated, and taught to do so, but it is up to you to do the work. It is up to you to make the changes. It is up to you to unlearn old, unproductive habits and form the new habits necessary to change the direction your life is moving in. It is up to you to use these tools and resources effectively and consistently to move you from where you are to where you wish to be.

 What I will promise you is to provide you with the support, guidance, and knowledge to help you in your journey to the life that you deserve to live.

Your partner in the journey,

T. (Todd) Michael Fairchild, MCC

T. Michael Fairchild’s Coaching Certifications & Training

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Coach Certification
  • Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification
  • Confidence Life Coach Certification
  • Goal Success Life Coach
  • Employee Performance Coach Certification
  • Group Life Coaching Certification
  • Happiness Life Coach Certification
  • Laughter Facilitator Certification
  • Health and Nutrition Life Coach Certification
  • Professional Workshop Facilitator Certification
  • Professional Life Coach Certification
  • Master Life Coach Certification
  • Life Purpose Coach Certification
  • Public Speaking Training & Facilitator Certification
  • Transformation Life Coach
  • Law of Attraction & Allowing Success
  • Public Speaking: Skills & Tools for Presenting for Impact
  • Achieving Goals and Dreams



Ana has always had a passion for teaching, and she is a formidable educator to learn from. With 11+ coaching certifications,  she has a reputation for being a true-life changer!

Ana’s approach as a Creative & Healing Coach includes elements such as abstract visualization, focused meditation, artistic mind-body connection, and conscious self-awareness. This results in a deeper sense of clarity and fulfillment in her clients through the intentional integration of the mind, body, spirit, and emotion. She also offers a multi-holistic modality energy service.

Ana’s approach to working with clients is by focusing on one canvas (area of life) at a time to help move you through the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life. By helping you to create an exciting vision for the next stages of life and your long-term holistic health, she helps to motivate and inspire you in your journey.

Ana helps facilitate your journey to discover your authentic self by reconnecting with your inner power, tapping into the healing energy within, and harnessing your sometimes hidden gifts.

Ana’s training and background include spiritual connection/awareness.

Master Life Coach – Assisting in bringing forth your authentic self by allowing your story of you to be heard. Whether your challenges lie in your past or present, she can collaborate with you to overcome them and turn the vision of your future into your reality.

Therapeutic Art Life Coach – Ana works to encourage you to explore your passion and your creative process to gain insight into your circumstances and empower yourself to rise above any obstacles you may encounter in your endeavors.

Spiritual Life Coach / Shamanic Life Coach – Ana’s guiding belief is in the power of self-awareness. With this powerful sense of self, you can make positive changes in your life that allow you to find your happiness. All the while, creating a life-fulfilling connection to your spirit.

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher – Color Therapy – Usui Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life energy and spirit. Reiki is a healing practice that originated in Japan. This technique is used to provide healing. It is activated with the intention of mind, body, and spirit for balancing, flow, and alignment. Crystals have vibrational frequencies that resonate with the energies in our bodies, spirit, and mind. They also can enhance the healing energy of Reiki.

Ana is also an artist, crafter, explorer of the infinite, and author. Ana can help provide you with opportunities for personal growth and deep spiritual growth. Her core values are love, light, compassion, gratitude, faith in a higher power as well as energy healing.

Ana encourages her clients to be inspired and confident in their stories, their voice, their authentic self, and their connection to the infinite.
How She Can Help You
  • Assist you in identifying your strengths and areas for growth as well as nurture your curiosity and help you bring out the leader within you.
  • Identify the things that have hindered you in the past in becoming who you were meant to be in life.
  • Assist you in finding the positive attributes that help you to make crucial decisions that spark change thereby allowing new experiences and opportunities in your life.
  • Help you to find the true voice that will empower you to embrace your authentic self and render the judgment of others powerless to influence who and what you desire to be.
  • Assist you in staying focused & motivated so you can experience those moments where you trust your instincts and re-invent your life through enhanced self-awareness and live your true life’s purpose.
  • Help you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and living life outside of your comfort zone.
  • Help you to unlearn false and self-limiting beliefs and re-learn positive and affirming habits and principles authentic to who you truly are to help in supporting and inspiring you to succeed in achieving your goals.
  • Helping you to gain perspective and assisting you in bringing awareness to your current state of mind, body, and spiritual needs which are crucial to your growth and well-being.
  • Help you in learning to open your mind to gaining new perspectives and developing a mindset conducive to achieving your goals.


I Thrive Here’s mission is to provide the resources, motivation, and inspiration to support the progress of building a life of happiness and success that is not only what you deserve, but always has been your birthright. You were not created to just survive, you have always been destined to thrive! Unfortunately, we are not given an instruction manual at birth as to how to achieve our highest purpose. Nor have we been taught by conventional education how to be our best selves and understand the being of light and immense power that lives within us. So few ever realize the potential of truly living to the full and seizing the day, every day. Instead, they toil & struggle as they look to their own mortality and count down the days to their death. There is a better way… unlearn.

To be happy you must unlearn how to be unhappy. To be healthy you must unlearn how to be unhealthy. To be successful you must unlearn how to be a failure. To be fulfilled you must unlearn how to be empty. To learn how to live life to the full you must unlearn how to die a little every day. To develop positive habits and the mindset to be the being you were meant to be you must unlearn negativity and on having your mind closed to new ideas. The key to truly learning who you really are is to know how to unlearn who you thought you were.

Here we will take the journey together to be more, achieve more, live more, and be happier than you ever knew you could be. Life is replete with change, whether we want it or not. Instead of fearing it, you will learn to embrace it and use it as a vehicle to take you to places you’ve only imagined and live the life you’ve only dreamed of. Step by step, day by day, adventure by adventure, and discovery by discovery you will move from where you are to where you truly wish to be.

Welcome To A New, Better Way Of Living,
T. Michael & Ana Fairchild, Master Certified Life Coaches