On Lifeset…

Lifeset is an evolution of the term lifestyle. When you engage on a journey of personal growth, lifestyle just isn’t an efficient enough term to describe what you begin to build when you start your lifelong journey to ascend everything about how you live and how you think to a higher state of being. The term “style” in its very nature is fleeting. When what we are pursuing is a permanent elevated stage of living. This is why we created the term Lifeset, because it is, in fact, all about getting your life set to the level where you choose to live.
There are many aspects to attaining the lifeset that we desire. Managing our time, our resources, our mental and physical health, our life/work balance, our relationships, our spirituality, and the pursuit of our passions, dreams & goals is essential to achieving a thriving lifeset. While you cannot possibly change all of the above aspects of your life at once, each can be achieved by taking small, but consistent steps in a new direction.

Why is it that there are some people who have fulfilling and successful lives (which we will refer to as those that live rich lives) and others that live in a constant state of turmoil? It is in the way that they think. It is a matter of how they act. It is because some have an intentional plan while others do not. It is in the way that act upon opportunities and circumstances in their lives, rather than being acted upon by them. Those who are living rich lives approach everything with intention, whether it is in dealing with business or having fun. This is why they often achieve what they set out to do.

But those who live their lives in turmoil seldom plan for anything. They live as though they are treading water in a great ocean letting wave after wave come to them, never knowing whether the next will allow them to weather it or wash completely over them sinking them in the process. Opportunity after opportunity passes them by because they are either inconvenient or they are ill-prepared to act on them.
Living with a Lifeset is all about being prepared, being able to have choices, and being able to make intelligent, long-term decisions because you are not pressured to make quick, ill-prepared ones due to short-term circumstances. Having a Lifeset does not mean you will never run into problems, but it does mean you can usually weather the storm by having a plan and being prepared.

Those who have their Lifeset live with less stress and have more resources and money. They live happier, more fruitful lives, and grow older with more security and usually in better health. A person who has a lifeset is typically someone who works for themselves or has a happy, fulfilling, and rewarding career. They do more to enjoy themselves and when they work, they work harder and smarter than those who live a chaotic life. To those who have a lifeset, work does not have the same meaning to them as a “job”. They enjoy what they do to a point that at least most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work.

Do you have a lifeset? Do you wish you had one? The good news is you can. It takes work, consistency, and willpower to change what is not working in life into what works for you.


Let’s start this journey together…