Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Conformity Hazard, Episode 000. My name is T. (Todd) Michael Fairchild and I am a certified Master Life Coach with 17 certifications currently. This podcast will be a weekly podcast with new episodes coming out every Tuesday. The focus of my coaching is primarily in Mindset & Happiness, but that does cover a lot of areas because there are so many things involved with creating & maintaining a positive, proactive, and success-oriented mindset. My Happiness coaching also covers a lot of ground. But, all in all, when you distill everything down it is simply about having the life skills and the tenacity necessary to take permission and control of your life in order to shape it into the life you were meant to live.

Although it sounds simple, it can be a daunting and very uncomfortable task to transform the person you are and the paradigm that you live in, into the life that you have only dared to dream about. However, most people do not realize that with an open mind, a willingness to learn what they do not know, and consistency they are closer than they think to being able to live their dream. What may seem impossible at first is just an illusion that is based on what we have been told our whole lives. Our programmed beliefs, unproductive habits, well-meaning but misinformed advise from friends and loved ones, and our actions are what are responsible for where you are in life at this moment. That life may be a good thing that you want to make better or it may be that your life is one-misstep from catastrophe. Either way, if you had a path to get where you want to be and the life you want to be living, you have to ask yourself why aren’t you there by now. How long have you been dreaming of it? It’s okay because I am not here to judge and I never will. My only desire is to help you along the journey and help guide you through the jungles we encounter every day in order to move past the challenges you encounter and reach your destination in a better place in all areas of your life than when you started on your path.

Throughout the course of the podcast episodes we’ll experience together I will talk about the challenges you will experience (and I experience as well despite being a coach, I am human too and have traveled this path for 55 years). We will discuss the hazards of the comfort zone, goal setting, the universal laws, working smart – not necessarily hard to achieve your objectives, relationships, communication, and many, many more topics. You can also get access to our weekly articles, other upcoming podcasts, resources, and products & courses geared to help you speed up the process of getting from where you are to where you want to be.                          


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