Show Notes:

In this episode of the podcast, T. Michael Fairchild, MCC discusses the final steps (10-12) to leaving one’s comfort zone and pursuing an extraordinary life.

Step 10 – Surviving In The Ordinary Vs. Living The Extraordinary

This segment focuses on the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary life. The host explains that gratitude plays a crucial role in living an extraordinary life, and it’s not dependent on material possessions, wealth, or social status. Examples are given of people with little material wealth who live joyfully and those with great riches who are unhappy. The key to living an extraordinary life lies in mastering challenges, overcoming obstacles, and finding a sense of accomplishment and self-love. True happiness comes from being grateful for what one has and what they have yet to receive.

Step 11 – There Is Only One Direction Left For You…and that is Forward 

This segment emphasizes the importance of moving forward and not looking back. The host encourages listeners to make committed efforts to leave their comfort zones and warns of challenges and setbacks along the way. Despite the obstacles, it’s crucial to keep pushing forward. The host introduces the concept of working smart instead of relying solely on brute force and highlights the abundance of information available to learn and grow. Moving forward is emphasized as the only way to achieve personal goals and live a fulfilling life.

Step 12 – Life Will Never Be The Same Again

This segment concludes by challenging listeners to consider whether they would truly want to return to their old lives after experiencing growth and progress. The host highlights the historical examples of individuals who accomplished great things with the tools available to them at the time. The episode ends on a powerful note, encouraging listeners to embrace the tools and opportunities available today and reject the notion of “can’t” in favor of “won’t.” The key is to keep moving forward and create the life one desires while benefiting others in the process.

By embracing growth and continuous improvement, you create a foundation for living an extraordinary life. You become the architect of your destiny, constantly evolving and striving for greatness. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here; it’s a lifelong pursuit of growth and self-improvement.

Congratulations on completing the 12 steps to leave your comfort zone behind forever. May your journey be filled with fulfillment, joy, and the courage to embrace the extraordinary.



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