“There are so many wonderful types of genres to explore when you seek to thrive in your creative endeavors. The type of genre you choose will reflect your own artistic vision. “



By: Ana Fairchild, MCC, RM







This blog post is going to awaken the senses, dive deep to explore and forge the path of the road less taken to fulfill your journey. This is your invitation to slow down and reconnect with the different senses and unlock universal creativity. Your journey is not about how much art you can produce at one time but about slowing down to cultivate your mindset in the present moment with every word Here are some advanced practices to elevate your mindful artistic expression:


Choose Your Medium: It’s important to choose the type of medium that you would like to work in. Choose the type of medium that you want to work in. There is a wide range of artistic and creative pursuits to try. I would rate them from 1-5.


Below are some examples of craft genres:

Textile Arts:


From this group for me would be crocheting. I learned how to crochet in Illinois at Michaels crafts. I’ve made some projects but it’s not my go-to project at the moment. Textile arts take some time and planning.

Paper Crafts:


From this group, I love everything about this genre. I’ve tried my hand at all of these. I would say right now, my interests lie within bookbinding – art junk journals.

Visual Arts:
Pottery and ceramics


When I was in middle school my sister and I would go to a neighbor’s house to paint the pottery that she made. We had a blast, and it was a way for us to learn about her processes. After we painted them she’d put them in the kiln. We loved going there to paint. In this season of life, I’m not into sculpture, woodworking, or glassblowing.

Jewelry Making:
Wire wrapping
Metal clay
Lapidary (gemstone cutting)


When I lived in Illinois I loved making freshwater pearl necklaces and bracelets. I also dabbled in some of the plastic beads too. Right now, I’m not into jewelry making but it’s still a passion I’d like to get back into soon.

Decorative Arts:
Candle Making
Soap making


I’ve enjoyed candle making and decoupage. I remember in Illinois, there would be candle kits out of beeswax and they were quick projects to make. Currently, I do enjoy decoupage and adding layers to my junk journals.

Mixed Media and Assemblage:
Altered art
Found object art
Digital mixed media


I’ve thoughtfully enjoyed everything in this genre except found object art. I haven’t tried “Found Object Art”.

Book Arts:
Handmade books
Junk journals


I’ve tried everything in this group except for illumination. This genre is like my go-to type of crafting I like to do. I have easy access to them on my metro racks.


There are so many wonderful types of genres to explore when you seek to thrive in your creative endeavors. The type of genre you choose will reflect your own artistic vision. Through the art of your senses, you can harness the universal energy in these ways:
Self-reflection allows you to tap into your dreams, ideas, and even fears. Having an open mindset allows you to explore thoughts and emotions. You can create authentic work that will resonate with others. How do you choose your medium? You might ask? Think about what craft genre interests you most about creating. What crafts are you an expert in, novice, apprentice? Choosing the right one is crucial to elevate your artistic expression. It’s important to find one that you’re going to be passionate about doing. I love working and learning about the other genre’s techniques so I can be skilled in them. It’s important to start off with one that ignites your creative spirit. Once you’ve completed that project, then work and learn about another.
Engage Your Senses: As you create, consciously engage your senses. Notice the textures, colors, shapes, and sounds around you. Let these sensory experiences guide your creative choices.


Find creative inspiration by going outside. There’s joy in the world as you connect to the wonder it holds. Take a moment to observe the colors, shapes, patterns, and animals. Be inspired by nature. See the intricate patterns of the leaves, see the vibrant colors of the leaves and flowers. Be mindful as you sketch the landscape to what catches your attention. If you love to write, bring a journal and a pen to write a poem about the sunrise. Nature captivates us through the wonders that ignite the imagination. If you paint, get ideas to paint a sunset. Take a picture of the sunset and paint what inspired you. Storyboarding is seeing your sketches in the final product. You can define your purpose with storyboarding. This is a way to tell our story as you imagine it.


Nature provides a way for you to enrich your experience as you hear children’s laughter at the park. It heightens your sensory awareness. When you in the present moment, it allows you to develop a keener sense of observation. Discovering the Symphony of the Earth is important. Birds are singing along, gentle breezes with swaying leaves, and the sounds of traffic off in the distance. Perhaps you are near the water and the sound brings you to a calm and meditative state. You hear the rushing sounds of the waves coming to shore. You can be more attuned to your surroundings. The sounds you hear tell a unique story. You could even record the sounds you hear and add them to your creations. You could create music and that is something listeners can hear. Creative engagements with natural surroundings lead you to innovation and thinking outside of the box.


If you love to bake, it’s important to taste the batches of cookies, candy, or cakes that you make. There are a lot of people who bake for a living or as a hobby. It’s important to savor the sweetness and harmony of your work. In the world of culinary exploration, sensory is key. When you create you can incorporate a variety of different elements. Those elements can be visually and emotionally appealing to those who receive the yummy goodness you baked. Creativity allows you to become a culinary artist. You can use a variety of different flavors and textures. You’re creating an edible masterpiece and its presentation is your canvas. Whether you’re an expert or an enthusiastic cook, you can explore connections between art and music to create engaging pieces. Creativity allows you to explore and experiment. Creativity also provides a way to culinary wonders that nourishes the body and soul.


Touch is vital to the human experience. Touch senses are physical sensation that allows you to enhance your creative projects. You can showcase softness through the choice of color palettes or the gentle curves of the paintbrush. When you create layers, there are temperature-inspired shades of colors that will attract people to your artwork. When I use a gel medium paste, I love how it adds texture and dimension. Once the gel medium paste dries, it feels rough to the touch. Warmer tones can evoke passion as cooler tones share calmness. Touch is a universal language that brings back memories and emotions as you reach an elevation of creativity. Collaborating with other creative spirits will show how the combined effort can push the boundaries of your creative techniques.


After you write and express your love to your loved one, you get the envelope prepped. Just before you seal up the envelope, you take your perfume out and spritz the paper so that the paper is engulfed in the aroma of your favorite perfume. I love creating my own paper because I can add dried flowers to it and my favorite scent. The smell within the paper will be a light scent that you can then add to your junk journals. You go for a walk in the garden, and you take a deep breath in to inhale the scents of the flowers. The scent of the flowers and the freshness of the air brought you back to a moment in time that you held dear. You go to your grandma’s house and open the door. You’re now surrounded by the scent of apple pie. You close your eyes and inhale those scents of the freshly baked apple pie. It’s now a moment you’ll always remember.


Embrace Imperfection: Mindful artistic expression is about embracing the beauty of the present moment, including any imperfections that arise. Just like when creative blocks happen, don’t see it as a block. Seek the opportunity to shift your perspective. Don’t see it as a block and a failure. Embrace the fact that imperfections can add a special character. It’s important not to dwell on mistakes. Think about what went wrong. Let go of perfection. Once the thoughts of I’m not good enough enters your mind, you limit belief in yourself. That imperfection will be part of the painting’s story. You have the story that you pushed through boundless ideas as you conveyed your message.


I have some affirmations that you can write in your journal. These will guide you to embrace your imperfections:

My imperfections are part of my creative journey, and I am enough.
I am choosing self-love over my own limiting beliefs.
I am constantly evolving, and I choose to live authentically.
I am confident and complete and embrace my imperfections.
Imperfections are stepping stones to groundbreaking works of art.
My art reflects who I am, and I tell stories through my art.
My creative endeavors thrive even with imperfections.


Multisensory Modalities: Involves combining different sensory elements together such as the 5 classic senses. The five classic senses are sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Utilizing these 5 senses allows you to expand your artistic expression. You’ll approach your work from a novel perspective point of view as storytelling through your art is vividly clear. Even from a branding perspective, it has the power to connect. Connection promotes trust with your brand and community.

This creative voyage you are on is about self-discovery, creative reawakening, and artistic exploration. Here’s to uncovering a reservoir of creativity that knows no bounds.

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