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This podcast is dedicated to empowering listeners to tap into their creative power, fostering personal growth, creative intention, and positive change.

Ana is passionate about providing artistic growth and support to help creative artists thrive, and in today’s episode, she dives into the transformative power of vision boards and holistic artistic rituals for the holiday season.

Vision Boards for Creative Artists:

Ana shares her personal experience of creating a vision board in her craft room using a tri-fold display board, watercolor paint, stencils, modeling paste, quotes, and stickers. She emphasizes the importance of texture and the visual impact of affirmations.

The episode explores Ana’s chosen words and affirmations for her vision board, highlighting the transformative journey of self-discovery and creativity. Ana believes in the enduring power of vision boards in manifesting artistic visions.

Listeners are encouraged to set intentions, visualize success, and create themed vision boards. Ana provides insights on arranging words, affirmations, and pictures to reinforce goals, and emphasizes the importance of displaying and regularly reviewing one’s vision board.

Ana suggests hosting a vision board party as a way to set goals and intentions for the upcoming year. She details the supplies needed, including tri-fold vision boards, magazines, quotes, affirmations, scissors, glue sticks, scrapbook paper, markers, and stickers.

Affirmations for Vision Boards:

Ana shares additional affirmations for listeners to add to their vision boards, promoting positivity, abundance, creativity, and self-appreciation.

Holistic Artistic Rituals for the Holiday Season:

Ana introduces creative holiday activities such as painting festive-themed canvases, creating handmade cards, crafting scrapbooks, and making unique ornaments. She emphasizes the sentimental value of these handmade items.

The podcast delves into the art of writing holiday haikus, providing tips for crafting these concise poems that capture the essence of the season.

Crafting Artistic Rituals:

Ana advocates creating a sacred space for artistic rituals, allowing the creative spirit to thrive and generate novel ideas. She discusses the importance of setting artistic intentions for the new year and the resonance of artistic messages.

The concept of Sacred Geometry is introduced, exploring geometric shapes like the Flower of Life, the Labyrinth, and the Dharma wheel, and how they can inspire and guide artists.

Ana shares affirmations for listeners to incorporate into their artistic rituals, fostering gratitude, trust, and celebration of artistic growth.

Intentions for the New Year:

Ana encourages listeners to set intentions for the new year, emphasizing the importance of spending time in a sacred space for education, celebrating small creative goals, documenting wins, cultivating a growth mindset, developing resilience, maintaining an organized workspace, and connecting with like-minded artists.

Exciting News:

Ana shares her excitement about fulfilling her dream of having a Yorkie, named Athena, as a birthday present from her husband Todd. She encourages listeners to reach out if they’d like to see a picture.

Closing and Additional Resources:

Ana mentions her previous podcast episode on “The Art of Processing Grief and Loss” and recommends listeners check it out, especially during the challenging holiday season.

Todd’s podcast, “The Conformity Hazard,” is highlighted, with the latest episode discussing the connection between mental and physical well-being.

Connect with Ana and Todd on their website, Facebook page, and group for further engagement.

The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to join the community and looks forward to connecting with them.

About Soulful Creativity:

Souldful Creativity is a podcast that explores healing and the enrichment of your life through artistic expression and creativity. Join me, Ana Fairchild, MCC, RM,  as together we uncover the secrets to changing your life for the better though learning to live a more creative, vivrant, and fulfilling life. Visit for more episodes and updates.

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