If you are reading this, you have created your “map” or plan, if you will, to help get you from where you currently are to where you wish to be. If not, go back to our previous article on 12 Steps To Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind Forever – Part 2 – Create Your Map by clicking here.

So, the next thing in creating your ideal life is to put your plan into action. One of the first issues you will encounter in this process is resistance, otherwise known as fear. Be it your own fear of failure or someone else’s fear for you, or even someone’s fear that you will be successful when they aren’t. Either way, you will encounter resistance to what you are trying to do. This is where things begin to get a bit uncomfortable, and despite what you may think right now, it’s a good thing. This means you are beginning to make progress.

What you must keep in mind is that anytime there have been major changes in your life you have felt uncomfortable. It’s only human to feel uncomfortable when you are experiencing anything that you have not done before. Fear, trepidation, uneasiness, anxiety, doubt, dread, or (for a few) even sheer terror; are all feelings that we all experience at one time or another when faced when we get pushed or pulled outside of what is considered normal for us. This is what you may feel when you begin to venture outside of your comfort zone. But this is necessary to achieve more than the average way of life. One thing you will soon realize, once you do leave your comfort zone a few times, is how exciting and great life can be outside of it. Think about it, which sounds more exciting to you: A – Kicking back in your easy chair with a drink and watching yet another show about someone else’s life or B – Living your own life socializing and making friends with successful, happy people that are all about achieving their full potential in life and helping you to do the same? It’s a no-brainer.

Living your life outside of your comfort zone reveals opportunities that you never saw before. It opens your mind to possibilities for your life that often exceed your wildest dreams and desires. It exposes you to people and situations that you would never have the chance to meet and experience. Yes, stepping outside of what you know and what you are comfortable with can be a scary proposition. But if you can overcome your fear and take the steps necessary to engage with the unknown, you will have overcome one of the biggest obstacles you face in creating the life that you desire to live. Remember that you haven’t gotten to where you currently are in your life without going through big changes in your life in the past, and you survived them.

The changes that you will need to make and go through to get you to where you want to be are no different. You will have to become a different person than you are to live a bigger, richer, and more abundant life. You may say to yourself that you do not want to be any different than you are now, but you want “more” in your life. Know that to have “more” in your life you must know “more” on how to manage “more” and what to do with “more” to make your and others’ lives better through your state of abundance. You will become more of what you already are. If you are generous, kind, and compassionate, you will be even more so. If you are greedy, self-centered, and hoard what you have, well, you get the picture. The message here is to make a change your friend, step through your boundaries of fear and instead of focusing on being a good person, be great.

“Living your life outside of your comfort zone reveals opportunities that you never saw before. It opens your mind to possibilities for your life that often exceed your wildest dreams and desires. “



By: T. Michael Fairchild, MCC


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