Wow! We are well over halfway through the year at this point. Is your head spinning at how fast the time has passed? How far are you into accomplishing your goals for this year? Are you over halfway? I hesitate to ask but have you even started working on them? Before you rush off into a panic of trying to catch up on the things you wanted to get done this year, think about this. Have you clearly defined them? Have you set measurable steps to reach your goals and have you set defined deadlines for getting them done? Well, if you are in a bit of a panic and in an extreme rush now, I would believe that you haven’t, and let me be the first to tell you, you are not alone. While most people say that they have many goals at the end of the year and, in their mind, plan to accomplish the things in the new year, their enthusiasm quickly wears off as life takes over in the new year and they become distracted by the day-to-day minutiae that inevitably happens. In fact, the majority of people do not have defined and detailed goals much less have them written out. Instead, most people have somewhat vague and general ideas of the things they want to do in life, their careers, and/or businesses. While some people can “get lucky” and experience a moderate level of success, most do not.

Without having a vivid and detailed plan it can be hard to stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals. It can be a bit like trying to hit a moving target in the dark. Your chance of hitting the mark is not good. But do not fear, because even though you may be starting late, if not extremely late, if you know what to do and how to do it you can finish strong and enjoy many amazing accomplishments this year. Remember that if you’re trying to accomplish powerful things you need powerful tools. So how do you do it? Here are 5 things you can do to make a real difference in this year over the last one.

I.  Take the time to slow down make a plan and then set aside time 2visualize, to meditate, and to affirm what is important to you WITH FEELING! – You have to be clear on what you are trying to do. You need details and clarity when it comes to your goals. Generalizations do not provoke the emotion and feeling that makes up strong beliefs when it comes to your dreams of what is to be in your life. If your goal is to help others, you must be able to see in your mind the results of your efforts. You must see the smiling faces of those you wish to help. You must feel the warmth that comes from the gratitude of those you have assisted.

If it is material objects that you desire such as an exotic automobile. You must imagine slipping into the driver’s seat, the feel of the steering wheel as your hands clasp around it. You must hear the roar of the engine as you glide down the road, and feel the pull of the inertia on your body as you cling to the curves in the road. Feel the contour of the seat against your back and hear your favorite music blaring from the speakers as the wind is whipping through your hair.

If it is a magnificent home, you must experience it fully as you walk down its halls and through each of its rooms. You must notice the smallest details such as your personal pictures hanging on the wall and your possessions throughout its interior. Feel your bed as you sink into utter comfort the moment you lie down. Picture yourself, your friends, and family as you have dinner together; socializing in the kitchen as the meal is being prepared. Seeing them around the table engaged in conversation with one another as each, in turn, flashes a knowing and appreciative smile to you for bringing them together on this enjoyable evening.

Meditate on these thoughts, feel the emotion of the experiences, feel the gratitude of this being yours as if it already is. Take a few moments several times a day including when you first wake up and right before you go to sleep to see these visions of your life to be. Know that it is already yours and know that you are simply waiting for the here and now to catch up with your reality as you know it. Live it, breathe it, believe it, and FEEL it, and then you will live it. Remember that the more powerful the visualization the more your mind will be influenced by the need and the motivation to make it happen. Nothing will get you moving faster towards your goals than them feeling totally real to you and not just an abstract idea. Believing IS seeing.

II.  Write It Down – One habit of the most successful and happy people on this planet is that they write everything down they desire to do, by hand! Today, we plan our lives by using online tools such as digital calendars, task planners, mind map apps, or a variety of other digital tools. While these are great tools for keeping us on track and accountable, they lack one significant factor in helping us to achieve our goals. That is the physical impact that handwriting your goals has on your subconscious mind. By handwriting what you most desire to achieve, it is made real to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind cannot discern what is real from what your conscious mind believes is real, whether true or not. The act of handwriting what you want in such a way that it is written as if it already exists has a powerful effect on the subconscious mind. By doing this consistently, your subconscious mind will direct you to work towards manifesting your goals in your real life. The same way it works behind the scenes to control your autonomic bodily functions and your movements to complete any variety of tasks. It will move you toward the situations and circumstances that you desire in your life.

The bottom line is this, if you want to reach your desired goals in life, you must have a map to get you from where you currently are to where you wish to be. Without having the means to view your progress, how far you have come, and how far you have left to go, you will become lost on your way and never reach your destination.

III.  Be Consistent – Consistency is the one thing that you must master if you wish to reach your goals in a timely fashion and be successful in your endeavors, especially if you’re running behind a bit. Being consistent has the power of establishing credibility and reliability. Nothing you do will have more of an impact on those you wish to reach as being the voice that they hear, the face they see, and the person they trust on a regular basis to bring them what they want. Consistency, along with providing value, creates familiarity which, in turn, fosters trust. In, short, a person’s trust cannot be bought, it must be earned. Through your commitment to quality and consistency, you will earn the greatest asset to your success, another’s trust in you. Also, you need to be consistent even if you’re not working directly with or for others. Being consistent in your action will accelerate the pace at which you can reach your goals.

IV.  Change Your Programming/Habits – Your mind is very much like a computer but vastly faster and it has the potential of being immensely more powerful. But, as computers rely on their programming to carry out tasks, your mind relies on your own “database” of knowledge, instincts, skills, and experiences to navigate your way through your life. How well you manage your finances, career, business, personal life, relationships, and every other aspect of your life depends on your own “programming” and your habits. This very same “programming”, in turn, is responsible for how successful and happy you are in life, or not. Many times the greatest challenge that you will deal with is created by your lack of flexibility in your beliefs, your lack of perspective, or your willingness to change them as necessary. Also, whether you are able to overcome these same challenges is very much dependent on the same. The problem you face is whether you are willing to allow your “programming” to be updated as needed. Habits that have developed over time, that may have worked early on in your life, do not continue to work as you are faced with changing times, situations, and opportunities and certainly do not continue to work as your life changes as you draw closer to big goals and trying to accomplish big things in your life.

You can only change the way you live when you open your mind to discarding habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve you in achieving your goals. Remember, all it takes is an average of 21 days to “unlearn” or learn a habit and make a commitment to being greater than the sum of your parts.

V.  Invest In Yourself/Engage In Purposeful and Continuing Learning – Top-performing athletes must engage in consistent & focused physical training to achieve peak performance. This is no secret, but it is what they do behind the scenes that give them the competitive edge, hours upon hours of grueling physical and strength training. The investment they must make in the proper food and nutritional supplements to fuel their body and endure the discomfort that they experience to become the best that they can be. If you want a successful, happy, and fulfilling life, it really is no different in that you have to build your “success” muscles. This also takes time, effort, money, and commitment to uncomfortable and sometimes painful change. Living the life you have lived that has brought you to where you are is not enough to get you to where you want to be. How many times have you heard someone say that they have had enough of school or college and have no desire to go back to “hitting the books”?

The fact is that if you wish to live a better, more fulfilling, and successful life, you have to invest in yourself. Like your parents invested in your primary, secondary, and possibly your college education. You must realize that you must also consistently invest in yourself and your continuing education. Does this mean going back to school? Sometimes, it depends on the skills that you need. But, your investment in further educating yourself in the skills and knowledge necessary to build success in life may not be in the structured courses offered in universities. But rather in the books, audio, and video content created by those who have achieved what you desire to have in your life.

Often people say that they cannot afford the cost of investing in courses, books, and other content that can move them forward in life. Yet, those same people spend thousands of dollars per year on expensive clothing, entertainment, flashy automobiles, the latest “have-to-have” gadgets, extravagant homes… you get the picture. In reality, if you are living the average paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle you cannot afford NOT to invest in YOU.

If you truly want happiness and success in life, try not to spend any more than you have on things that deteriorate, depreciate, and retain no value over time. Instead, choose to make a long-term investment with the best potential in returns. Invest your time, your effort, and your money into the one thing that you will have for as long as you live, and will never lose any value for you…Your mind, your body, and your spirit!

If you’re starting late this year and trying to achieve your goals you must realize that you may not accomplish all that you wanted to at the beginning of the year however that’s no reason not to start now. There’s an old proverb that says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now. With proper planning, using the tools for focused goal achievement such as visualization, action, and consistency. You will achieve much more than if you try to take a haphazard approach and just try to keep everything you’re trying to accomplish in your head. Without a sound plan, written down, you will have nothing to follow when things go awry as they always do when trying to reach goals. You will encounter resistance obstacles and unexpected twists and turns that will throw you off track and if you’re starting to try and work towards your goals as late as you are you cannot afford any distractions.

Despite what you may think, you are able to do this. You have everything you need within you to achieve whatever you wish. It is just a matter of how much dedication effort and consistency you put into it. You can’t reap the harvest if you’ve never sown the seeds. Get started today, don’t wait any longer, MAKE IT HAPPEN! And… I would say good luck, but I don’t believe in luck and neither should you (and fate has nothing to do with it either). You make your own “LUCK”. Godspeed!

“Meditate on these thoughts, feel the emotion of the experiences, feel the gratitude of this being yours as if it already is. Take a few moments several times a day including when you first wake up and right before you go to sleep to see these visions of your life to be. Know that it is already yours and know that you are simply waiting for the here and now to catch up with your reality as you know it. Live it, breathe it, believe it, and FEEL it, and then you will live it.”



By: T. Michael Fairchild, MCC


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