While it is often considered a low priority when someone is trying to get a new venture off of the ground. Taking time to create an ideal workspace is actually an important part of the process of being creative and innovative in the way you approach a new personal endeavor or in starting a new business venture. Where you produce your work is just as important as how it is produced when it comes to being motivated and inspired to create your best quality of work. Where do you think you could be inspired and focus best on creating new products or ideas for your venture, in a dirty office area that is piled up with stacks of paper, clutter, and dust OR in a serine area with what you most need within arm’s-reach, items or quotes that make you smile and inspire you when you see them? Your vision board (reminding you of what you are working toward), light focus-based music playing the in the background, an ergonomic workspace (keyboard, mouse, etc.) at your desk, a monitor (or monitors) that you don’t have to strain to see, and a  comfortable & a supportive chair for you to sit and be comfortable in for hours (if necessary) at the time; you get the picture, don’t you?

Your workspace is very much a reflection of the quality (and quantity) of what you will create in its environment. While it does not have to be an excessively large area, it will need to be large enough that you don’t feel cramped or crowded when everything is in its place. Here are some steps and tips to help you design your perfect workspace.

  • Choose the Right Location: Select a location in your home or office that provides ample natural light and is relatively quiet. If possible, designate a separate room or area solely for work to minimize distractions.
  • Invest in Comfortable Furniture: Invest in an ergonomic chair and desk that promote good posture and reduce strain on your body during long periods of work. Ensure the height of your desk and chair are suitable for your needs. If you are on a limited budget, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Perhaps look and see if places like Ikea offers what you need. Consider looking around for what you need second-hand (we started out doing the same thing, and some of the things that we got great deals on, but were quality items, are still in use with us today, even after several years).
  • Organize and Declutter: Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free. Use storage solutions like shelves, drawers, or organizers to keep essential items easily accessible and organized.
  • Personalize the Space: Add personal touches such as artwork, plants, or photographs to make the space feel inviting and inspiring.
  • Consider Lighting: Choose proper lighting that reduces eye strain and helps you stay focused. A combination of natural light and adjustable artificial lighting is ideal.
  • Minimize Distractions: Set up your workspace away from noisy areas and distractions like TV or high-traffic areas. Consider noise-canceling headphones if you need to block out external sounds.
  • Keep it Inspiring: Decorate your workspace with items that inspire you or remind you of your goals. Motivational quotes, vision boards, or images of places you want to visit can serve as visual inspiration.
  • Organize Cables and Technology: Keep cables and cords neatly managed to avoid clutter and tangling. Invest in cable organizers and use wireless technology whenever possible.
  • Create a To-Do List Board: Use a whiteboard, corkboard, or digital task management tool to keep track of your to-do list, deadlines, and upcoming projects.
  • Add Greenery: Incorporate plants into your workspace. Plants not only add beauty but also improve air quality and can positively impact your mood and productivity.
  • Temperature Control: Ensure your workspace is at a comfortable temperature to help you focus and avoid distractions caused by discomfort.
  • Personal Space Boundaries: Set boundaries with family members or roommates to respect your workspace as a dedicated area for work. Communicate your work hours and the importance of uninterrupted time.
  • Keep Supplies Handy: Have all essential work supplies within arm’s reach to minimize interruptions when searching for tools or materials.
  • Invest in Technology: Equip your workspace with the necessary technology, such as a reliable computer, a high-quality microphone, and a webcam for virtual meetings and video conferences.
  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance of your workspace to keep it organized, clean, and conducive to productivity.

Remember that everyone’s ideal workspace may differ, so feel free to adapt these tips to fit your preferences and needs. Creating a comfortable and inspiring workspace can significantly impact your productivity and well-being, making it worth investing time and effort in designing the perfect setup for you.

“Your workspace is very much a reflection of the quality (and quantity) of what you will create in its environment. “



By: T. Michael Fairchild, MCC


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