Show Notes:

Mission: To empower creative spirits for self-discovery, embracing true potential, and fostering a balanced and harmonious life.

Segment 1: Creativity as a Universal Force:

Creativity transcends time, captivating and inspiring self-discovery.

Call to action: Create a legacy that propels others to explore artistic wonders.

Acknowledgment: The transformative journey fosters connections with fellow artists.

Segment 2: Nurturing Artistic Spirits:


Amid life’s routines, creating a creative sanctuary within home is vital.

Nourishing the creative spirit in a positive atmosphere.

Encouragement: Celebrating uniqueness, building a supportive network, and advocating for the value of creative arts.

Crystal Recommendation: Tangerine Quartz for creative energy and passion, associated with the sacral chakra.


Affirmations for Journaling:

Radiating energy, alignment with the universe, releasing resistance, and abundance affirmation.

Inner wisdom and intuition affirmations.

Segment 3: Growth Mindset:

Distinction between fixed and growth mindsets.

Embracing challenges as opportunities for personal and professional development.

Encouragement to celebrate milestones and stay curious in the learning process.

Motivation and exploration outside comfort zones for continuous improvement.

Affirmations for Journaling:


Affirmations for success, continuous evolution, and choosing the creative process.

Crystal Recommendation: Amethyst for intuition, focus, and tranquility; associated with the crown chakra.

Segment 4: Holistic Rituals for a Transformative Journey:

Holistic art as a means of creative learning, patience, and personal wellness.

Utilizing digital art tools for therapeutic purposes.

Mindfulness in artistic creation and setting positive intentions for art sessions.

Crystal Recommendation: Picasso Jasper for visualization and root chakra alignment.

Affirmations for Journaling:

Affirmations celebrating self-love, evolution, and gratitude.

Affirmations embracing imperfections and celebrating personal growth.


Segment 5: Chakras and Affirmations:

Overview of the 7 chakras and their locations.

Corresponding affirmations for each chakra.

Segment 6: Podcast Recommendations and Conclusion:

Promotion of previous episode “The Art of Processing Grief and Loss.”

Recommendation for husband’s podcast “The Conformity Hazard.”

Website and social media information for further connection.



Gratitude for joining Soulful Creativity.

Encouragement to share insights with friends and loved ones.

Closing message: Embrace creativity, nurture the mind, and let unique expressions light up the world through soulful creativity.

About Soulful Creativity:

Souldful Creativity is a podcast that explores healing and the enrichment of your life through artistic expression and creativity. Join me, Ana Fairchild, MCC, RM,  as together we uncover the secrets to changing your life for the better though learning to live a more creative, vivrant, and fulfilling life. Visit for more episodes and updates.

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