“Artistry is within your creative spirit and it’s an expression of guidance and experience. Meditation teaches us to observe our thoughts without judgment, allowing them to arise and pass without attachment.”



By: Ana Fairchild, MCC, RM






Finding the time to sit down, clear your thoughts to write poetry, haiku, song or even a story is hard to do. I thoroughly enjoyed writing as a child. From the beginning stages, I learned how to write my given name and I knew that writing expresses who I am. I would practice writing my name in different scripts to see which penmanship I liked best. In high school and in my adult life I’ve always written poetry, blogs, and short stories. I do thoroughly enjoy art/junk journaling. I love creating books that add a fresh perspective when I write or collage in them. Writing allows me to clearly focus expressively on my thoughts, motivated action, beliefs, experiences, and emotions in a way that is deeply personal. Writing can take you to faraway places, and you allow your readers a way to connect. Writing provides a way for you to write for self-reflection and communicate in a way you may feel you cannot express yourself verbally. When you get to that space to write, you are focused, and it transcends as it’s a form of meditation. The art of writing is meditation with powerful benefits. There the art of stillness resides. When you write, your able to leave a legacy of your own words for others. It’s through your works that your voice still has meaning and purpose. Whether your new to writing or advance creative writer, writing is worth going down the beaten path. There you’ ll listen to the whispers of your heart and honor the meditative silence with pen to paper.  This is your symphony of life so attune your mind to allow your imagination to flow.

How to connect with the universe:

Visualizing and connecting to the universe involves a combination of spiritual, meditative, and mindfulness practices that guide our creative endeavors.

Visualize a gentle, radiant light coming down from the universe and it surrounds you. You will been in alignment as you feel the warmth and the positive energy as you keep your mind open to embrace this moment fully.

As you inhale, take a deep breath, and allow the air to fill your being from the top of your crown chakra to the bottom at your root chakra.  

With each exhale, let go of any tension, or creative blocks you might be carrying. Let go what is not in your control. Let go of any negative thoughts or self-doubt. You are here in this lifetime for a reason and as the universe aligns opportunity you’ll see as an awakened creative spirit your artistic endeavors thrive.

Meditative Rituals

By infusing writing to your meditative rituals, it can enhance your excitement for writing. Allow yourself the time to nourish a deep connection to yourself and the world around you. It’s important to set aside and area or a room to where you can find solace within that space free of distractions. This is the space where you feel safe so add some elements to the room for a comfortable vibe. You can add flowers, pictures of family, your artwork, play smooth jazz or gentle instrumental music that will set the tone. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your body and mind to relax. Set your intention, pick up your pen and begin to write.

Let’s explore how putting pen (preferably gel) to paper (preferably decorated) can become a transformative experience that guides us through mindfulness, our hearts desire and self-discovery.



  1. The Art of Focus and Presence

As an adult I recognized what those who were teaching me were teaching me for my highest good so that I can reach the next stage in life successfully. It’s in my symphony of life where meditation just like learning new music tasks practice. When you focus, it allows you to explore new mediums, try new techniques, focus on what you’d like to say. Mean what you say and say what you mean. This will provide a way for you to put your focus in the present moment. When we take the time to write, it’s important to align the words as they flow and allow self-exploration. This heightened concentration allows for greater exploration of artistic ideas and concepts. Before you begin to write, set the intentions for your writing. Perhaps your intention is your writing without hesitation.

  1. A Journey Inward: Self-Exploration and Reflection

Meditation and setting the intention encourages you to reflect on your kindness and moments of self-discovery.  Meditation encourages self-exploration by allowing us to dive deep into our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It’s a safe place for you to experience it and know that you can express yourself fully. Writing allows us a way to unveil the layers of the consciousness while processing writing creatively and harness the wisdom to create positive shifts in our lives. We need to be prepared for all that the universe has to offer us creatives. When you begin to be fully engaged, committed and connected to the present, a flow of creative ideas comes through as you are immersed in storytelling.

  1. Letting Go of Judgment and Perfectionism

Artistry is within your creative spirit and it’s an expression of guidance and experience. Meditation teaches us to observe our thoughts without judgment, allowing them to arise and pass without attachment. Similarly, writing offers a space to let go of perfectionism. The act of writing encourages us to embrace imperfections, recognizing that the beauty lies not in flawless prose but in the raw authenticity of our words. As we relinquish the need for perfection, we free ourselves from the constraints of self-critique, and our writing becomes a conduit for genuine self-expression.

  1. The Silence Within the Words

Silence Within the Words, holds the potential to unlock hidden thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Journaling ls a powerful tool that allows individuals to delve into this realm, fostering self-discovery, growth, and artistic innovation. When I write I find that there needs to be a moment of silence with words or pauses between the sentence as this allows you to see how you’d like to write the next sentence. In meditation, silence holds a sacred place—it’s the canvas upon which the mind paints its thoughts. Even though the blank pages are your canvas, waiting to be decorated with your favorite affirmations, innermost thoughts, and expression of your creative spirit.

I encourage you to incorporate creative writing as part of your journey, choose how long you will write, set aside when you will write and be engaged in this journey of self-discovery and stillness.


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